Engage Customers, Drive Sales. Effortlessly.

Automate your retail business with WhatsApp and watch your processes streamline, customer satisfaction soar, and your business grow.

retailer whatsapp automation

24/7 Support

With 24/7 support, you can automate answering common questions like product availability, pricing, bulk orders and even send billing information on WhatsApp.

Boost Sales

With instant query resolutions, you'll attract more clients and more feedback that'll help you improve your inventory.

Streamline Operations

Automate tasks like stock reporting, attendance, leave management, reorder stocks, etc and free up staff time to focus on more important aspects.

Personalised Marketing

Send targeted promotions and build stronger relationships using CRM data and WhatsApp.

Enhance Customer Experience

Offer convenient communication and personalize the journey using instant responses and timely deliverables.

Realtime Reporting

Gather valuable data to plan ahead. Get real-time reports that will help you make right decisions coming ahead.



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MSME Business Owners
Love Using WhatsFlow

See For Yourself…

Aman Jain

(T-Shirts Manufacturing & Trading)

"I received 200 more orders just through 2 bulk whatsapp campaigns"

CRM- We are making additional sales INR 18 lacs every month because of WABA CRM

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns- 80% of our Customers are reading our messages & replying as compared to Emails.


(Zinc Coating Business, Manesar, Haryana)

"I use WhatsApp Chatbots to collect Enquiries
in Business Exhibitions"

Exhibition Chatbot- Booth Visitors received our Catalogue through WhatsApp & we generated 25+ enquiries

WhatsApp Chatbots- We send Customer Feedback Chatbot every month to All our clients to increase Customer Satisfaction

WABA CRM- It is helping in managing enquiries & convert them into Orders

DS Kohli

(, Premium Honey Products)

"Customers can buy our Pure Honey Products via WhatsApp Commerce"

WhatsApp Commerce- Customers can place orders directly on our WhatsApp Official Number & we receive Data in Google Sheets

WhatsApp Campaigns- Our Weekly WhatsApp Campaigns is helping us generate Orders & Grow Sales

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