Streamline Your Business with WhatsApp Chatbots - No Coding Required

Empower your business with chatbots that answer questions 24x7, capture leads, and automate tasks - all with drag-and-drop interface. Zero coding needed!

24/7 Running Chatbots

Once deployed, your chatbots will keep running 24/7 online. No breaks, no salaries, no task execution delays. Just smoother operations.

Passive Lead Generation

A Lead Generating Chatbot keeps answering FAQs, guides prospects towards purchases, showcases and recommends your products whilst collect customer data for further follow-ups.

Multiple Client Handling

Each chatbot you create can handle hundreds of clients simultaneously. Something your team won't be able to. This makes a chatbot most-productive employee and makes sure to give consistent information to everyone.

WhatsApp chatbots can recover up to 70% of abandoned shopping carts by engaging customers directly within the app, reminding them of their cart contents and offering assistance to complete their purchase.

Always-On Customer Support

  • Chatbots provide 24/7, 365-day instant responses to common queries, ensuring consistent customer service.
  • WhatsApp chatbots can handle hundreds of client queries simultaneously without getting under load.
  • ​Automated notifications keep clients informed, enhancing engagement and freeing up team time.

Efficient Lead Management

  • ​Capture leads across social channels and funnel them into CRM for streamlined follow-ups.
  • Chatbots can answer targetted questions to segment a prospect into proper category, thus making use the your marketing campaigns are reaching correct audience.
  • ​Ensure no lead goes unatttended, maximising conversion opportunities.

Personalized Marketing and Sales

  • ​Send personalized recommendations, offers, and discounts via chatbots to foster deeper connections and boost sales.
  • Using real-time casual conversations, chatbots can upsell and cross-sell your products in seamless manner.
  • ​Chatbots can analyse past purchases and inquiries to recommend products in real-time that are relevant to their specific needs and interests.

Multilingual Support and Scalability

  • ​Create multilingual chatbots for wider market reach.
  • Use regional chatbots to recommend products based on availability, thus offering only the relevant products.
  • ​Manage multiple queries simultaneously with buttons and lists for instant responses, enhancing user experience.

MSME Business Owners
Love Using WhatsFlow

See For Yourself…

Aman Jain

(T-Shirts Manufacturing & Trading)

"I received 200 more orders just through 2 bulk whatsapp campaigns"

CRM- We are making additional sales INR 18 lacs every month because of WABA CRM

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns- 80% of our Customers are reading our messages & replying as compared to Emails.


(Zinc Coating Business, Manesar, Haryana)

"I use WhatsApp Chatbots to collect Enquiries
in Business Exhibitions"

Exhibition Chatbot- Booth Visitors received our Catalogue through WhatsApp & we generated 25+ enquiries

WhatsApp Chatbots- We send Customer Feedback Chatbot every month to All our clients to increase Customer Satisfaction

WABA CRM- It is helping in managing enquiries & convert them into Orders

DS Kohli

(, Premium Honey Products)

"Customers can buy our Pure Honey Products via WhatsApp Commerce"

WhatsApp Commerce- Customers can place orders directly on our WhatsApp Official Number & we receive Data in Google Sheets

WhatsApp Campaigns- Our Weekly WhatsApp Campaigns is helping us generate Orders & Grow Sales

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