Complete Guide to WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

Friday, March 22, 2024

WhatsFlow Blog/Complete Guide to WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

WhatsApp Green tick verification is not just a badge of honour. It’s a representation of your credibility, legitimacy and trustworthiness in the digital world.

​It shows up next to your profile name on WhatsApp.

Today, we will explore everything about the green tick verification of WhatsApp and understand how acquiring it can be a game changer in the online world. From eligibility criteria to the application process, we’ll help you transform your simple business presence into a trustworthy place to go.

What is WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Badge?

The green tick verification on a WhatsApp account allows prospects to recognise legitimate businesses. This symbol signifies that this business is a verified and trusted brand.

Due to the internet being filled with scammers and fraudsters, it is a necessity to find out which businesses are safe to deal with and which are not.

​For that purpose, WhatsApp allows you to verify your business with them. Once that is done, they will give you a green tick, symbolising that WhatsApp has officially checked and verified every aspect of your business.

WhatsApp verification badge is the ultimate signifier that your business is the real deal. Among thousands of business owners on WhatsApp, the green tick verification lets the world know that you are a credible person to deal with.

​It instantly boosts your brand in the eyes of prospective customers. Once you get it, customers no longer have to research about you. There will be no doubt among clients about whether they’re dealing with real business or a scammer.

This ‘digital certificate of authenticity’ (green tick) is not just a symbol on your profile but is loaded with benefits that will supercharge your business.

​Simply put, the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Badge is the key to unlocking your business's full potential on this powerful platform. It's not just a badge, it's a game-changer.

Purpose & Benefits of WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

The WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Badge is a strategic tool with a clear purpose: building trust and reaping the benefits that come with it. Let's break down the why and how this tiny icon packs a powerful punch.

​The main purposes of acquiring this WhatsApp verification badge are:

  • Combating scams and impersonation: Fake accounts are a plague on WhatsApp, damaging user trust and harming real businesses. The green tick cuts through this garbage, acting as a sign of authenticity, verifying your business and safeguarding users from imposters.
  • Enhancing brand reputation: In the digital age, trust is currency. The green tick signifies that your business has jumped through the verification hoops, proving its legitimacy and earning valuable user trust. This, in turn, translates to positive brand perception and a stronger reputation.
  • Building stronger customer relationships: Trust is the bedrock of any successful relationship, and the green tick lays the foundation for deeper connections with your customers. It opens doors to more open communication, increased engagement, and ultimately, happier, more loyal clients.

Benefits of WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

  • Increased visibility: Forget the search bar struggle. Verified businesses rise to the top in WhatsApp searches, making it easier for potential customers to find you.​​​
  • Boosted conversion rates: Trust leads to action. Users are more likely to engage with and purchase from verified businesses. With the green tick as your trust signal, watch your conversion rates soar as even the hesitant customers start becoming confident buyers.
  • Improved customer engagement: The green tick breaks down communication barriers. Customers feel more comfortable chatting with a verified brand, leading to richer conversations, valuable feedback, and increased loyalty.
  • Reduced spam reports: Your business will no longer be mistaken for a fraud. This makes sure that people do not report you as spam. The green tick acts like a shield, protecting you from unwarranted spam reports and ensuring your messages reach their intended audience.

Ready to unlock these benefits for your business?

Regular WhatsApp vs Green Tick Verified WhatsApp

Imagine two businesses: one showing off the symbol of authenticity and another promoting his products without any authority or credibility. Who would you trust among the two?

Difference between verified and regular WhatsApp business account

Getting Your WhatsApp Business Account Verified

To get your green tick, you have to make sure that your account meets certain criteria. WhatsApp doesn’t just give a green tick easily. It wants to make sure that before WhatsApp backs your credibility, you must be worthy of it.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

Once you’ve recognised the need for official green tick for your business account, make sure you are eligible:

  • Legality: Your business must be registered with the local authorities i.e it must be legally recognised.
  • ​Business Account: Your WhatsApp account must be connected to a verified Facebook Business Manager Account​.
  • Security: Turn on two-factor authentication on your Business Manager Account.
  • ​Online Presence: You need to have at least 5 organic articles written about you by media outlets or highly reputable websites. Paid articles will not work.
  • ​Documentations: You need to keep your business licence, proof of address, tax returns ready during the verification process
  • Brand: Your business must have a good reputation in the online market. Please note that this one is subjective and not fully confirmed. However, having a notable brand presence will certainly give your verification process a boost. This can be done by following ways:​
  • Positive online reviews
  • Well known physical location
  • Mentions by media

Note: The eligibility criteria is not a guarantee that your WhatsApp Business Account will get a green tick. That’s the final call of WhatsApp. However, you need to make sure that you have everything prepared to prove your brand’s authenticity. This gives your business an edge over others.

Tips to increase your chance of getting Verified

At WhatsFlow, we want to make sure that you get your business account verified. That’s why we’ve curated a list of things that you should do to increase your chances of getting a WhatsApp Green Tick Verification.

  • Fill out your application form online accurately and concisely.
  • Write a brilliant brand description. Imagine you’re writing an elevator pitch for investors. Put your time into it.
  • Upload clear copies of your supporting documents, website mentions and media articles.
  • Link all your social media channels to Facebook Business Manager to demonstrate your brand footprint.
  • Check your grammar and spelling. This helps the team at WhatsApp to determine how professional you are.
  • Make sure that the information you have put on your website, your social media channels and this form is consistent. Don’t write one thing on one channel and another thing on another.

By following these tips, you'll submit an application that shines from the crowd, increasing your chances of securing that green tick and unlocking the full potential of your WhatsApp Business presence. Remember, patience, preparation, and a strategic approach are your keys to green-tick glory!

How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

Now that everything is prepared and you’re also familiar with the importance of the process at every step, let’s get down to applying for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification.

Step 1 - Getting the API Access

To get your Whatsapp business account verified, you need to first have access to WhatsApp API. API is like an official connection with WhatsApp. It gives you access to a vast amount of tools to manage your account as well as automate your business through chatbots.

To get access to the official whatsapp business api, follow the guide here.

​At this point you will have,

  • ​Access to Official WhatsApp API
  • Verified your account on Facebook Business Manager (Meta Business Suite)
  • Set up two-factor authentication
  • Connected your WhatsApp number to Official API

Step 2 - Building Credibility with Clients

To complete this step, you don’t need to fill any form. You only need to start communicating with clients. The more interaction you have with clients, the better it will be. Your goal here is to reach at least Tier 2 of Messaging.

​Tier-2 of Messaging is a milestone that you unlock while using the API. This tier gives you the power to send a broadcast message to 10,000 unique clients every day. To reach this milestone, start following the following steps as soon as you get access to the Official WhatsApp API:

  • Regularly interact with customers and respond to their inquiries as soon as possible.
  • Avoid sending messages to people who have not permitted you. This reduces the number of people who can report your account as spam.
  • Run contests, polls and events to make sure clients reach out to you on WhatsApp. Having a large inflow of inquiries allows you to respond and build your messaging tier level. Use a chatbot to automate inquiries so you don’t have to manually type and send every time a new inquiry comes in.
  • Stay compliant with WhatsApp's Commerce and Business Policies.

Step 3 - Applying for Green Tick

  • ​I​n your META Business Manager, go to Business Settings -> WhatsApp Accounts -> WhatsApp Manager.
  • Under Account tools, select ‘phone number’.
  • On the next page, you’ll find your WhatsApp account details. Click the ‘Settings’ icon to proceed.
  • ​​Click ‘Profile’, fill in all the details and click the ‘Submit Request’ button.​

Once the request is submitted, you can see that your request is in review status.


If your application for green tick got rejected, you’ll receive a notification with a reason for rejection. They will also provide you with further tips to enhance your profile and try again.

Successful Verification

When you get a verification badge, you can start showing off!

​Keep in mind that the tick can be taken back by WhatsApp if you don’t adhere to their policies and guidelines. You need to keep your green tick, which means you must avoid activities that could lead to de-verification e.g. spamming people with content they don’t want.

Our clients who have received their WhatsApp Green Verification Tick

FAQs about WhatsApp Green Tick Verification.

1. What is the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Badge?
It's the digital equivalent of a “certificate of authenticity”, signifying that your business is legitimate, verified, and trustworthy on WhatsApp. It enhances your brand's reputation, boosts visibility, and encourages user engagement.

2. How do I know if my business is eligible for verification?
You must be a registered legal entity, have a verified Facebook Business Manager account, and demonstrate a certain level of online presence and brand recognition. Check the full eligibility criteria in the post for details!

3. How do I apply for verification?
Log in to your Facebook Business Manager, navigate to your WhatsApp Business account, and find the "Official Business Account (Green tick for WhatsApp Business API)" option. Fill out the application form thoroughly and attach supporting documents.

4. What are the benefits of being verified?
Increased visibility in searches, boosted conversion rates, enhanced customer engagement, and reduced spam reports are just some of the perks. It adds a layer of trust and reliability that benefits your business in numerous ways.

5. Can I lose my green tick?
Yes, if you violate WhatsApp's guidelines or don't maintain your online presence. So, keep your information updated, provide excellent customer service, and avoid spammy practices.

6. What happens after I get verified?
Embrace the spotlight! Announce your achievement, showcase your green tick, and leverage the advanced features of the WhatsApp Business API. Monitor your analytics, gather feedback, and adapt your strategies to maximise your verified status.

7. Where can I find more information about verification?
​WhatsApp's official Help Center is a great resource! You can also find helpful articles and blogs online, like this one, that delve deeper into the topic.