WhatsApp Flows: Revolutionize Your Business Messaging

Monday, April 08, 2024

WhatsFlow Blog/WhatsApp Flows: Revolutionize Your Business Messaging

Forget clunky websites and endless phone menus. Imagine closing deals, scheduling appointments, and even answering customer questions – all seamlessly within the familiar interface of WhatsApp. This isn't just messaging magic, it's the revolutionizing power of WhatsApp Flows.

WhatsApp Flows are a game changing transformation of how businesses connect with their audience. A flow allows a customer to do things for which they would have to leave the app and visit other websites. You can now book an appointment, choose a flight or bus seat, order a product, etc visually, without ever leaving the app.

​WhatsApp Flow allows for a smooth conversation between business and clients. With support for rich media, polls, documents sharing, A flow can create an engaging network between the people.

Understanding WhatsApp Flows

A WhatsApp Flow is essentially a conversational chatbot experience built right into WhatsApp and used by businesses to interact with their customers. It's like a dynamic, step-by-step guide embedded within a chat, allowing users to complete tasks, access information, or even make purchases, all without leaving the familiar WhatsApp interface.

The possibilities are endless. With WhatsApp Flows, businesses can create personalized, interactive experiences that streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, and boost engagement.

​Here are some key points to remember about WhatsApp Flows:

  • ​ Built for businesses: Currently only available on the WhatsApp Business Platform.
  • ​Seamless and convenient: Users stay within the familiar WhatsApp app, no additional downloads needed.
  • ​Task-oriented: Designed to guide users towards specific goals (booking, inquiring, purchasing).
  • ​Highly customisable: Businesses can build Flows to suit their specific needs and brand voice.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Flow in Business

A flow is like a mini application that runs inside of WhatsApp. It allows the users to collect input from their clients, share reports, guide them towards the purchase, book appointments and much more. Here is a comprehensive list of what you can do in WhatsApp using these Flows.

Appointment Bookings & Scheduling

Using Flow, you can allow your clients to check slot availability in real time and choose the one they prefer. WhatsApp provides live updates when using smooth data exchange and notification systems as well.

WhatsApp Flow - Appointment Booking

Generating Leads

This is one of the easiest flows to create. To generate a hot lead, you need:

  • A prospect with a problem
  • A series of questions that explain that problem
  • ​Prospect’s contact information

The prospect will come with a problem, using a series of questions in a flow, you understand their issue. Then, you suggest a solution and ask the prospect’s contact information so you can guide them in solving the problem.
​From your side, you won’t need a human to handle the conversation. WhatsApp Chatbot will automatically handle it for you.

Conducting Surveys

Just like Lead Generation Flow, you can easily start collecting feedback and running surveys through single screen Flows. You create the flow, add a few input methods for collecting text, maybe some rating system and you’re good to go.

​With this in hand, you can also run contests, quizzes and much more.

Share Product Information & Product Quotes

WhatsApp has a catalogue feature, through which your clients can place product orders. Using Flows, you can send additional product information and even share quotes if that’s your business model.

​Even in this, you won’t need any team member overlooking your WhatsApp profile for new messages. A chatbot will guide your prospects through all stages of the purchasing journey.

User-Initiated Chats

Using Flows, you will never have to send a message to anyone. You can integrate flows with a chatbot and let it run passively. Any query a customer sends, your chatbot will automatically handle it. This reduces time to process requests and tackles complicated issues as soon as possible.

Keep your conversations flowing with WhatsApp Chatbots

Flows are a great way to create interactive experiences with your prospects. If you want to strengthen the usage of flows, you can easily do that by implementing WhatsApp chatbots.

Chatbots help you keep conversations running smoothly with clients without the need of any human input. You could literally talk to hundreds of people simultaneously without a single team member overlooking it.

​To do that, you will need access to the Official WhatsApp API. This API brings your business profile numerous benefits, including the ability to have a green verification tick next to your business name.

How does WhatsApp Flow Work?

In simple terms, you create a flow with multiple screens and connect it with WhatsApp using logic.

A screen is a single display view that is used to do a single task, e.g collecting user’s contact details. Logic tells WhatsApp when a particular screen should open, e.g when a person clicks the ‘Book Appointment’ button, a Calendar flow will open asking the user to choose date and time.

You can even make a Flow work based on individual client's needs and likes. a client. This is called personalisation. Using this you can customise when and how a Flow should interact with different types of clients. For example, for a new prospect, a Flow will open asking them for their name and number. If an existing customer comes, we will not open the flow, but instead welcome them with a greeting like “Hello Mr. x”.

​All this is possible using personalisation along with a little logic.​

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Flow & Chatbot together

The strongest benefit of WhatsApp Flow is that you don’t need any developer or complicated tech knowledge to get started. You can start with simple flows and then gradually expand as you gain more experience and knowledge.

If you want to get access to a more detailed level of customisation, you can try WhatsApp Flow Builder and Chatbot Builder. It allows you to create flows and chatbots visually so you can easily understand what logic is being executed at what point.

​By this powerful integration, you will get:

Improved customer experience

  • Streamlines interactions with businesses, eliminating the need for website visits or app downloads.
  • Offers personalized, tailored experiences thanks to customisable features.
  • ​Automates repetitive tasks and resolves common inquiries quickly.

Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Frees up live agents for more complex issues by handling routine tasks.
  • ​Provides 24/7 availability for customer support.
  • ​Reduces operational costs associated with traditional customer service channels.

Enhanced data insights and analytics

  • Tracks user interactions and gathers valuable data about customer behavior.
  • ​Provides businesses with insights for improving their Flow and overall customer experience.
  • ​Enables targeted marketing and personalized communication.

Flexibility and customization

  • ​Integrates with existing CRM and other business systems.
  • ​​Businesses can design and build their own Flows according to specific needs and use cases.
  • ​Offers a variety of building blocks ("Components") for flexible flow creation.

Bring Your Conversations to Life with Flow

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Unleash the power of personalized, automated flows and watch your engagement soar.

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