Official WhatsApp Business API: How to Setup & Use | Step By Step Guide

Friday, March 22, 2024

WhatsFlow Blog/Official WhatsApp Business API: How to Setup & Use | Step By Step Guide

WhatsApp Business API acts as a bridge between you and your clients. WhatsApp Business was launched to help small, medium and large-scale business owners streamline their businesses using expansive automation tools. It is considered the most powerful tool of 2024 that allows you to communicate with millions without a big team.

WhatsApp Business API is separate from WhatsApp Business Application. There difference between the two is vast. The biggest advantage of using official WhatsApp API is that you can integrate it with your CRM, e-commerce and many other applications to extend the functionalities. WhatsApp Business App on the other hand have almost no automation features.

​If you use the mobile application, you’ll have to manually engage with customers but with official API, there’s no such issue.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp API for Business

If you’re using WhatsApp Business Application to manage your clients, vendors and team right now, you’ll know how often you have to open WhatsApp and reply to the messages. But with WhatsApp Business API integration, you may never have to worry about constant notifications. Your chatbot will take care of everything.

WhatsApp Business Application vs WhatsApp Business + API

Here’s why you should shift from WhatsApp Business App to Official WhatsApp Business API:


You can send automated messages anytime you want. You can also schedule the messages or set up a periodic automated setup. Using the broadcast feature of the official WhatsApp API, you can send messages in bulk, even if people have not saved your number.


WhatsApp Chatbot has a great feature. It can maintain conversations with clients like a regular team member. When a client replies to your message, the chatbot can automatically respond as per the client's request. This helps the chatbot guide clients towards solving their challenges or making a sale.

​Chatbot can even recommend products and services based on the exact needs of the client.

Increase Credibility & Trust

When you get access to WhatsApp API, you can request for verification green tick (icon here). A green tick signifies that the business is fully verified and safe to transact with. With a regular WhatsApp Business App, it’s not possible.

Call to Actions

WhatsApp Business App allows you to send normal messages to your clients, but by using API, you will be able to add buttons as well. This allows clients to reply to your messages without typing anything. Buttons and links act as quick replies from the client side. These call-to-action buttons are a great way to ask close-ended questions to your clients.

CTA Buttons

Leads & Sales Boost

Official WhatsApp API allows you to integrate your chatbot with different tools like CRM, e-commerce, etc. The CRM will allow you to create customer segments and run campaigns through WhatsApp. You can even use the Automation Builder tool to integrate your WhatsApp with external tools like IndiaMart.

How to Get Official WhatsApp API for Your Business

Getting an Official WhatsApp API is a tedious process but thankfully the BSP (Business Service Providers) take care of all the nitty-gritty details and make sure everything is accurate. BSPs are official Business Partners of WhatsApp. They will get your WhatsApp APP set up properly.

​BSP like Automate Business makes sure that every client gets their official API without any fuss. You get a friendly & easy to use UI, with all the features like CRM, Ecommerce, Unified Team Inbox and Automation Builder. A full package that lets you manage your business from a single place.

You can get a free trial from Automate Business for 15 days, just to give you a glimpse of the power of WhatsApp Automation.

Process of Getting WhatsApp API - Step-by-Step Guide


  • An existing Facebook account (The older the account is, the better)​
  • A new phone number or an old one without a WhatsApp account

1. Register an account at Once done, go to your mailbox and verify the account through an email that you will receive.

​​2. Login to the account and register for a free trial of WhatsApp Automation. You will be taken to the account dashboard as shown.

3. Go to the WhatsApp Official API > Connect WABA > Create New WABA. A new popup window will appear asking you to log into your Facebook account.

​WABA stands for WhatsApp Business Automation.

4. After logging in, Facebook will ask you to choose the Business Account that is connected to your business. If you don’t have one, it will provide you with an option to create a new one.

5. Click next and select Create a WhatsApp Business Account.

6. Follow the onscreen instructions to fill up your business details, including Business Account Name and the Display Name.

​The Display name should be Similar to your Legal Name or your Website domain.

7. On the next page, Select the appropriate Business Category and mention an Active Website URL which should have at least 1 or 2 pages.

​If you mention any upcoming website or invalid URL, your WhatsApp Number may get banned.

8. Now enter the Phone number and complete the OTP verification. Once you click ‘Finish’, you will be redirected back to the dashboard and your phone number will be visible there.

9. Next to your phone number, on the right side, you will see an ‘...’ (3 dots) icon. Click on it and Set up Two-Factor Authentication. You will be asked to enter a PIN. Enter any six-digit code and remember this code. Click ‘Register Pin’.

​Your account will not be approved until you have completed the Two-Factor Authentication process. This is to guarantee the security of your account.

Once you have followed the instructions, you can go back to the Dashboard > Official WhatsApp API. Next to your number, click the 👁️ icon. You will be presented with the account details there. Verify your connection by looking below ‘Number Status’. It should show ‘CONNECTED’.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to get the Official WhatsApp API registered in your account.

​If you have any trouble following the above procedure, you may join our WhatsApp API Support Group and request assistance.

Now you only need to create WhatsApp chatbots, set up the CRM system, get the team inbox running and you’re off to building an efficient and automated business system.

How to Automate Business Using WhatsApp Automation?

You have understood the benefits of business automation and you have also learned how to get access to the Official WhatsApp API. Update your number on social media and website and let the prospects connect to you via WhatsApp, save their details in CRM and start running campaigns through WhatsApp Chatbot.