WhatsApp Automation: The Complete Guide for Business Owners

Friday, March 22, 2024

WhatsFlow Blog/WhatsApp Automation: The Complete Guide for Business Owners

In this digital age, businesses should have every tool in their arsenal that allows them to stand out and succeed. WhatsApp Automation is one of those tools. WhatsApp has a huge user base and extensive global reach. It has become a powerful platform for businesses to engage with customers.

But, when you start using WhatsApp as your primary platform for customer interactions, you can’t expect to manually respond to every query. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep an entire team for that.

​Imagine if there was a way through which you could:

  • Respond to customer inquiries instantly, 24/7
  • Send personalised marketing campaigns that convert
  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up your time
  • Deliver exceptional customer service that fosters loyalty

What is WhatsApp Automation?

WhatsApp automation refers to the act of using software to manage and streamline your business operations. You can use it in business to automate sales, lead generation, customer support, marketing, promotions, offer disclosures, and many other aspects.

​If you implement WhatsApp Business automation, you can save time and resources, which can be used to focus on growth-related activities of your business. You can use WhatsApp Automation in your business to:

  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions of customers
  • Send order updates to customers
  • Allow customers to purchase products
  • And much more

Benefits of WhatsApp Automation

The benefits of automating your business through WhatsApp are too many to count. It all depends on what industry you’re in and how you interact with customers. Here are some of the ways WhatsApp automation is used in business all over the world:

1. Quick Customer Support

In a world of competition, customer delight and quick response of businesses play a vital role. Automating your business through WhatsApp allows you to connect to CRM and answer every query in a personalised manner. The best thing is that 95% of the queries are repetitive and these can be handled by WhatsApp without any team member.

2. Cost & Time Savings

By automating most of the repetitive tasks, you won’t need a large team. Just a small team to respond to unique queries only. The WhatsApp chatbot can handle hundreds of queries simultaneously.

3. Keep Business Running, 24x7

If you automate customer support and lead generation process, you will get a huge boost over your competitors. Your business will be solving inquiries and generating leads even while you sleep, or are on vacation.

4. Drive Engagement

WhatsApp has more than 90% open rate, which means you can be assured that your offers and promotions will reach your prospective customers. This leads to more engagement and higher conversion rates.

WhatsApp Business App vs WhatsApp Business API

If you’re a business, you may have used or seen the WhatsApp Business app. It is made specifically for small businesses. It allows you to update your business details, description, opening times, location, set up quick replies and even allows you to sell products through WhatsApp Catalogue.

This app is often used by businesses to provide support as well, but the limitation is that the business owner or his team member has to manually respond to every query. You can’t do that if you have hundreds of customers with hundreds of queries.

This problem is solved by WhatsApp Business API. The API allows you to program your WhatsApp tool in such a way that it makes your communications easy, fast, efficient and automated.

It acts as a team member who can do the work of hundreds of employees. It streamlines your business, enabling you to automate tasks, provide 24x7 support, run marketing campaigns, passively generate leads and much more.

​The core functionalities of using Official WhatsApp Business API are:

  • Automate the sending of messages at periodic intervals or scheduled.
  • Responds to customer requests and queries automatically without any human input
  • Manages multiple WhatsApp accounts from a single place
  • Integrates with different tools like eCommerce, CRM, Team Inbox, etc
  • Provides you with rich analytics and reports in real-time

Join our free trial of WhatsApp Automation to learn how powerful and beneficial it can be for your business. Learn more about how to get started with WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

A chatbot is like an employee that runs 24x7 and communicates with clients on your behalf.

Chatbot is the primary and most important aspect of WhatsApp Automation. A Bot Builder allows you to create different types of chatbots for different use. For example, you can create a ‘Lead Generation Chatbot’ whose main purpose is to collect leads.

This chatbot interacts with prospects on your website or social media in a conversational manner. It guides prospects through a series of questions asking information about their problems and then gives some interesting and valuable information in exchange for their contact information.

​Similarly, you can create various chatbots for different tasks that you need to do.

WhatsApp Automation Integration With CRM and E-Commerce

Using WhatsApp Chatbot alone is not enough. You can only use it to give answers to the question based on the existing data you have given it. If you connect this chatbot with other tools, its features and capabilities increase by 10x.

Integration with CRM

If you connect your WhatsApp Business API account with your CRM, the chatbot will be able to give personalised responses to each client.

​Chatbot can give information about products, orders, personal preferences, customer’s past inquiries, and much more. With the built-in CRM tool, you can import all your existing contacts into the database. You can also create segments (categories) of different types of clients and run personalised campaigns for each segment.

Integration with E-Commerce

Using E-Commerce integration, the chatbot will be able to promote, suggest and even upsell products. It can give information about every product that customer is interested in, including their details, expected delivery dates, features, etc.

​Similarly, you can set up automation in your WhatsApp Chatbot, which allows the chatbot to automatically assign a team member to the client through Unified Team Inbox. This is useful when a client has a unique query that the chatbot won’t be able to answer. Team Inbox also allows your entire team to handle all clients from a single portal.

​There are many other integrations that you can perform through Automation Builder as well. It provides you unlimited opportunities to connect to other third-party applications like Indiamart, marketing web apps, pabbly, etc.

Use Cases of WhatsApp Automation for Businesses

WhatsApp Automation is programmable by YOU. So, if you want to use it for your business, you will most probably be able to do it. The most common ways businesses have started using WhatsApp Automation are:

  • Automatic Payment Reminders: You can automate payment reminder notifications to your customers on a timely basis and increase timely receiving of payments by 5x.
  • Abandoned Cart Recoveries: While shopping online, most people like a product, add it to their cart and forget. 7 out of 10 people leave their orders in carts without purchasing. You can send exclusive messages about the product’s features and offers to people and recover carts.
  • Delivery Updates: When a customer makes a purchase, you can send them delivery updates, thus keeping them in the loop about their purchase. This also increases your credibility amongst clients.
  • After-Sales Support: After any purchase, you can share important how-to guides, security instructions, warranty details, and invoices to your clients, thus increasing their trust and confidence towards you.
  • FAQs: 90% of the queries that businesses receive are repetitive. You can expect to give the same answer to hundreds of clients every day. WhatsApp Automation handles all these queries by providing consistent answers and resources to clients.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Automation

By automating repetitive tasks and engaging with your audience in a personalized way, WhatsApp automation can revolutionise your business communication. From nurturing leads to offering customer support, the possibilities are endless.

Ready to experience the power of WhatsApp automation for yourself? Sign up for our free trial and discover how it can transform your interactions and drive growth.

​Here's what you'll be able to do after automating your business:

  • ​Automate repetitive tasks: Save time and resources by automating lead qualification, appointment setting, and more.
  • Personalise your communication: Tailor your messages to individual customers, creating a more engaging experience.
  • Boost customer engagement: Respond to inquiries promptly and deliver valuable information through automated interactions.
  • Gain insights: Track key metrics and analyze results to optimize your WhatsApp strategy.

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