WhatsApp Automation: 10 Message Templates to Use in Education Industry

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

WhatsFlow Blog/WhatsApp Automation: 10 Message Templates to Use in Education Industry

WhatsApp has often been associated with impersonal and casual conversations. But what if you could use this small technology to create a big impact in your educational institution? It helps to strengthen the bond between teachers, students and parents. Not to mention the smooth interactions that help to keep everyone informed about small and big news of the institute.

Tracking students' attendance, informing teachers about class schedules, inviting faculty and students to events, sharing reports, sharing exam information, etc are just a few of the benefits WhatsApp Automation can provide you. It reduces the workload to bare minimum and helps automate most of the administrative recurring tasks that often get boring with time.

​WhatsApp is being used by almost everyone in the world; every student, teacher, professional and business owner uses WhatsApp to communicate with each other daily. This makes WhatsApp an ideal platform to be an interactive communication channel.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp in the Education Industry

Improved communication: WhatsApp can be used to improve communication between teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can send important announcements, reminders, and assignments directly to students' phones. Parents can stay up-to-date on their child's progress and school activities.

Increased engagement: WhatsApp can help to increase student engagement. Students are more likely to read and respond to messages sent through WhatsApp than they are to traditional emails or school website announcements.

Personalized learning: You can share personalised messages to faculty and students about their courses, their results, reports and much more. This can help teachers to even keep parents in loop about a child’s progress, so parents can focus on them at home.

Admissions: Promoting new courses to prospective students through WhatsApp can be a game-changer. You can collect information about students and even use chatbots to create interactive communication with students.

Reminders: Using WhatsApp Automation, you can also schedule reminders about exams, tests, document submissions, event approvals and much more. Along with these, you can also send fee notifications and anything that you need students and faculty to be reminded about.

Improved efficiency: WhatsApp automation can save educators time and effort. Automated messages can be used to answer common questions, send reminders, and collect feedback.

Accessibility: WhatsApp is accessible to students and parents around the world, even in areas with limited internet access. This makes it a valuable tool for reaching underserved communities.

Cost-effective: WhatsApp is a relatively inexpensive way to communicate with students and parents. There are no monthly fees or per-message charges.

Security: WhatsApp messages are encrypted, which means that they are only visible to the sender and recipient. This makes it a secure way to communicate sensitive information.

Management & Administration: Managerial and administrative tasks can get a little tedious sometimes but WhatsApp Automation can easily handle them. You can Automate routine tasks, reduce paperwork, create reports for different departments, promote new events and much more.​

We've prepared few of the Meta approved WhatsApp Message templates for you here. You can modify them as per your need and use accordingly.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp in the Education Industry

1. Admission Announcement

If you have collected leads from social media, website forms or manually, send this message to all of them. Using automation, you can send personalised messages to individual students. It will make them aware of the programmes you offer and the process of application.

Exciting news! 🔥
Applications for the {{Program Name}} at {{Institution Name}} are now open! Pursue your passion and achieve your goals in a vibrant learning environment.
​​Apply now before seats fill up! {{Link to application}}

2. Incomplete Application Recovery

Sometimes a prospect starts filling out the application, but for some reason leaves in incomplete. You can send this message to such applications and highlight the importance of filling out the application on time. You may also mention the benefits of the program and your academy.

Hi {{Applicant Name}}, just a friendly reminder!
Your application for the {{Program Name}} is almost complete!
We're excited to get to know you. Submit the remaining documents by {{Date}} to be considered for admission.
You need to submit {{List of documents}}.
Wish you all the best and see you soon 😉

3. Admission Invitation

If certain prospects have strongly shown interest in your academy or program, send this message to them. You may also thank them for waiting and showing interest.

Congratulations, {{Applicant Name}}! 🎉
You've been selected for {{Program Name}} at {{Institution Name}}!
​We're thrilled to welcome you to our community. Accept your offer by {{Date}} to secure your spot: {{Link to acceptance portal}}

4. Enrollment Confirmation

If a student had applied for admission previously and they have been accepted, send this welcome message to them and congratulate them for being part of the academic community.

Hi {{Student Name}}, welcome aboard!
Your enrollment for {{Program Name}} is officially confirmed.
We're so excited for you to begin your journey with us. Get ready for an incredible learning experience!
See you on {{date}} for your {{joining event}}!

5. Fee Payment Reminders

Asking for pending payments sometimes is a difficult task but needs to be done nonetheless. You can make it easy by automating the message. Send this message to those students who have not yet paid the necessary fees.

Hi {{Student Name}}, a friendly reminder!
Your tuition fee of {{Amount}} for {{Semester/Month}} is due on {{Date}}.
Avoid late fees and ensure a smooth semester by paying now.
You can pay online directly through {{Link to payment portal}}.

6. Unexpected Holiday Announcement

If the academy is closed for some holiday or an unforeseen off-day arrived that students and faculty were not aware of, share this message with them.

Wishing you a joyful {{Holiday Name}}!
Our institute will be closed from {{Start Date}} to [End Date]. Studies will resume back on {{Date}}.
Have a wonderful holiday!

7. Result Announcement

The day of the result is the most stressful for students. Send this message to students to inform them about it. You may also share the application form for the next course and semester with all those who have qualified.

Hi {{Student Name}},
Your results for {{Exam Name}} are available!
Check your student portal for details: {{Link to student portal}}
Congratulations on your achievements! ✨
Have a wonderful holiday!

8. Monthly Attendance Report

Regular attendance is often mandatory in any institute. Keeping students updated about their attendance sends a message that their attendance is important. You can automate monthly attendance reports to students by using the following template.

Dear {{Student Name}},
Your attendance for {{Month}} is {{Percentage}}. Remember, regular attendance is key to academic success!
Keep up the good work!

9. Course Rescheduling Message

Due to certain circumstances, sometimes a class/course or entire programme may get rescheduled. In that case, it is necessary to update every student and faculty member about this. This message should be shared as soon as the decision to reschedule has been made.

Dear {{Student}},
We wish to inform you that due to {{reason}}, your course {{course}} that was starting on {{previous date}} has been rescheduled to {{new date}}.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
You may plan your week/month accordingly and join us on the said date so we can start our educational journey together.
All the best!

10. Course Inquiry Response

If you receive an inquiry about a particular course or program, you can send this message. It will inform them about all the details of course and will allow them to make an informed decision about it.

Dear {{prospect name}},
Thank you for your interest in {{course name}}. As per your request, here are the details for your course.
Eligibility: {{eligibility}}
Duration: {{course duration in months/years}}
Total Fees: {{amount}}
Last Date of Admission: {{date of admission}}
If you need any further details of the course, please contact us by replying to this message. We’ll be delighted to be a helpful part of your decision-making process.
Wishing you all the best!

Automating WhatsApp Messages in the Educational Industry

Automation plays an important role in the educational section. With hundreds of students and tons of faculty members, you cannot send every individual a personalised message. Using WhatsApp Automation, you can use a chatbot to deliver messages to everyone based on the data you have available. You can send periodic messages for things like attendance reports or scheduled messages through campaigns. This helps to eliminate errors and assures deliveries using analytical reports.

WhatsFlow has partnered with WhatsApp to provide you with an Official WhatsApp API. This helps you to create your chatbots, manage user data, run campaigns and stay in touch with everyone using Unified Team Inbox.

You can run the template message given through campaigns or Broadcasts to every concerned individual.

​If you wish to know how exactly this works and if this is the right solution for your needs, you may register for a live demo of WhatsApp Automation.