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real estate whatsapp automation

Effortless Client Onboarding

Streamline the intake process, collect information, and schedule consultations directly through WhatsApp.

Enhanced Client Communication

Foster closer relationships by providing real-time support, personalized communication, and proactive updates via WhatsApp.

Improved Project Collaboration

Facilitate seamless team communication, share documents, and manage project tasks efficiently within WhatsApp groups.

Streamlined Feedback Process

Collect valuable client feedback, conduct surveys, and gather testimonials directly through WhatsApp conversations.

Automated Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

Reduce administrative burden by allowing clients to schedule appointments and receive automated reminders directly through WhatsApp.

Boost Brand Awareness & Visibility

Share valuable content, industry insights, and exclusive offers directly to your client network on their preferred platform.



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MSME Business Owners
Love Using WhatsFlow

See For Yourself…

Aman Jain

(T-Shirts Manufacturing & Trading)

"I received 200 more orders just through 2 bulk whatsapp campaigns"

CRM- We are making additional sales INR 18 lacs every month because of WABA CRM

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns- 80% of our Customers are reading our messages & replying as compared to Emails.


(Zinc Coating Business, Manesar, Haryana)

"I use WhatsApp Chatbots to collect Enquiries
in Business Exhibitions"

Exhibition Chatbot- Booth Visitors received our Catalogue through WhatsApp & we generated 25+ enquiries

WhatsApp Chatbots- We send Customer Feedback Chatbot every month to All our clients to increase Customer Satisfaction

WABA CRM- It is helping in managing enquiries & convert them into Orders

DS Kohli

(, Premium Honey Products)

"Customers can buy our Pure Honey Products via WhatsApp Commerce"

WhatsApp Commerce- Customers can place orders directly on our WhatsApp Official Number & we receive Data in Google Sheets

WhatsApp Campaigns- Our Weekly WhatsApp Campaigns is helping us generate Orders & Grow Sales

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