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Supercharge Your Business Growth With WhatsApp Marketing​

Discover How To Implement Chatbots, and Automate Your Business Through WhatsApp.​

No need to be techy, you just need WhatsApp Chatbots 🤖 and Google Sheets

Say Goodbye to Complexity!

Starting WhatsApp Marketing For Your Business Is Not Complex Anymore

With easy access to exclusive WhatsApp API tools and a Proven System, you will not only automate your business but can start marketing for your business in the quickest time possible

Even if you’re a Beginner, non techy and have no prior experience yet…​

“WhatsApp Automation Bootcamp”

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  • ​Discover the Significance of the Official WhatsApp API and Uncover its Power to reply to thousands of messages effortlessly.
  • ​Transform your workflow with our Drag-n-Drop Software Automation Builder – a powerful tool that puts the control in your hands.
  • ​Understand how to manage all of your chats seamlessly with a Unified Team Inbox, bringing all communications into one centralized hub.
  • ​Discover a one-step solution to manage all of your contacts effortlessly and efficiently that will streamline your interactions, organize data and elevate your customer relationships.
  • ​Learn how to create multi-channel chat bots with our Visual Flow Builder.
  • ​Introducing our comprehensive e-commerce platform – a one-step solution for all your needs.

From seamless product listings to secure payments, empower your business for success in the digital marketplace.

Everything you need to know​

Event Topics​

Date - March 4th, 2024

Timings - 11 AM- 2 PM

How to Automate Lead Generation & Grow Sales

Let's Review our 2023 Performance

10x Business Goals for 2024

How to Generate Consistent Leads for your Business

How to Nurture Clients & Grow Sales

Must use AI Tools to automate your Sales & Marketing

How to Manage Your Team & Get Freedom from Operations

How to Delegate Tasks without being a Chief Follow up Officer

How to Hire Best Employees quickly without any HR Agency

How to turn your LALA business into CORPORATE

How to Deliver Orders/Projects on time without wasting 4 hours a day

How to run Entire Business in 1 Platform

Meet Your Mentor

Kewal Kishan is an award-winning Data Analyst, TEDx Speaker and India’s leading Business Automation Coach who helps MSME owners in running their operations smoothly.

Over a decade ago, Kewal noticed a huge gap in the business processes of SMEs as compared to corporates.This gap existed because many business owners did not have a proper understanding of technology so they could not use it for their benefit, unlike their counterparts.

He worked closely with the MSME sectors to identify the exact problems they face in their business. He explored 35+ industries to find the common theme of the issues they face. After the identification of the issues, Kewal committed to helping at least 10 Lakh business owners to automate their processes and create efficient systems for their Businesses.

Since then, Kewal has trained 7500+ professionals and business owners across India and seven other countries on managing data, teams, operations, sales, admin, and other business processes. He now aims to revolutionise the global SME sector by enabling businesses to grow 10x using Google Workspace technology along with relevant self-curated easy-to-implement tools.

Kewal Kishan

Founder AutomateBusiness.com

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